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Medellín is a captivating city, not only because of its pleasant climate (around 24 ° C throughout the year), but also because of the friendliness of its people, its delicious food and the delicious paisa that falls in love with those who visit it. Antioquia is a territory of working people, always optimistic and persistent. Since its inception, this department has been characterized by having the nicest people and has even been classified as the most beautiful women of Colombia paisas. This peasant humor of the inhabitants of Medellín, which is reflected in Antioquia's trovas, typical dances and in general in Paisa culture, is mixed with the hectic life of the metropolis, in its capital. There are no mountains or rivers that can stifle the desire to grow of these people, which is why they have one of the most prolific territories in the country.

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