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Beautiful ships that pay tribute to the great era of luxury ocean liners, the 4 distinguished boats of Disney provide visitors with avant-garde amenities, legendary service and exclusive Disney activities that bring families together and transport them to exotic ports of call . Get closer to the stories and characters you love on a Disney cruise, where unmatched magic, included in the price of your cruise, surrounds you at every moment. The moment you board your Disney ship, you will find yourself being part of a story that only Disney could have created. Splendid Art Deco furnishings fraternize with classic and contemporary Disney characters. The original paintings, statues and crafts are a tribute to the golden age of the ocean liners, and they wrap you in a radiant environment that is both opulent and distinctive. And its spectacularly themed spaces, such as youth clubs, restaurants and nightclubs, transport you to places far, far away, where the memories, magic and richness of Disney tales merge into one.

Disney Cruise Line 'Un crucero inolvidable'

Disney Cruise Line 'Un crucero inolvidable'

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